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Welcome and thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Marcus Ahmad and as well as running Victoria Park Studio I am a Senior Lecturer in Photography at the University of South Wales. The blog is aimed at photographers both amateur and professional and I hope to give some insights and tips in producing high-quality photography both in the studio and location.


    There was a fantastic firework display last night to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Clifton Suspension Bridge, one of Bristol's iconic landmarks. It was an opportunity not to be missed. Having not really photographed fireworks before I did some research, grabbed a tripod a thick coat and set of to join the crowds. This is what I learnt.

    1. Include things in the photo that give a sense of scale and depth.
    2. Long exposures of about 4 - 12 seconds, camera set on bulb with a good depth of field.
    3. Post production in Lightroom using Clarity and H.S.L for selective colour enhancement.

    And heres a small selection of the final images...

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