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At Victoria Park Studio we believe in:

QUALITY - Marcus is a specialist in fashion and advertising photography. As well as working as a photographer in LA, New York and London, he is also a Senior Lecturer in Photography at The University of South Wales. We offer high end portraits at affordable prices. 

- People are unique and we want to provide you with images that you're proud of and will want to talk about and share. Whether you want photographs which represent you at your most natural or the best version of yourself, your family, loved ones or friends, we'll work with you to create something special.

VERSATILITY - We can offer shoots in the studio or outside in nearby Victoria Park, Bristol BS3. We have a wide range of backgrounds, lighting set ups and visual effects which can used to make sure you get images that you're truly happy with.

VALUE FOR MONEY - Our company isn't about sales, it's about photographs. We keep our overheads low so we can pass the savings over to you.

SIMPLICITY - We like to keep it simple. We provide you with straightforward options and pricing structures and included in the price will be a consultation, an A4 print of your favourite shot and (depending on the package) all the photos on a memory stick which you can print or share with family and friends.

- Our reputation is important to us and we know it comes not only from the quality of the portraits but from the relationships we build with our clients. Customer service in all aspects of the experience is important to us and we want to ensure you have a positive experience so you'll want to come back or recommend us to others.

ENJOYMENT- We do this because we have a passion for photography and we know that the best photos come from people feeling relaxed and enjoying the experience. We offer clients use of the house and garden during the shoot to unwind, relax or take a break.